University in Focus – Ain Shams University, Egypt, Northern Africa

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Ain Shams University

Did you Know that…………….

  • Ain Shams University’s Faculty of Medicine has started a number of initiatives in its new medical project in the University Hospital
  • The University Council has signed a cooperation protocol for the exchange of experiences between the university (Faculty of Medicine) and a number of Hospitals
  • A memorandum of understanding has also been signed between its Faculty of Agriculture and the Institute of Agricultural Rural Development in Brazzaville.
  • Ain Shams University has seven campuses, all of which are sited in Great Cairo.
  • Ain Shams University was earlier known as “Ibrahim Pasha University”

Background information

Address:                             Khalifa El-Maamon st, Abbasiya sq., Cairo. Post Code: 11566,

Telephone:                         (202) 26831474 – (202) 26831231, (202) 26831490 – (202) 26831417

University President:       Dr. Hussein Essa

Date of Establishment:    July 1950


To achieve excellence in the field of higher education and scientific research at the local, regional and global in a climate of independence, freedom, democracy, equality and contribute to the service of society and achieve sustainable development.


  • Integrate a culture of total quality and continuous improvement in the educational process and research.
  • Enrich the theoretical knowledge and applied in accordance with ethical standards, social and cultural life of society.
  • Spread the culture and ethics of scientific research.
  • Strengthen cooperation between the University and other universities, scientific research centers locally, regionally and globally.
  • Develop educational programs in light of the standards of local, regional and global levels.
  • Provide students with the latest sources of knowledge and modern technology to develop their ability in innovation, leadership and self-learning, teamwork and competition.
  • Strengthen the continuing education and distance education.
  • Activate the role of the centers and units of a special nature to provide research and advisory services to the community.

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