RELEASE of Graduate Internship Awardees – 4th July 2016

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Dear All

Please find attached the list of Awardees for the 2016 Graduate Internship programme. Please download the full report from here: Approved GIs 4th July 2016

or from here:


  1. A total of 169 submitted their applications
  2. A total of 558 commenced their applications online but did not complete the process
  3. There are 45 successful beneficiaries, 15 of whom are females and 30 males
  4. The 11 beneficiaries are pursuing PhD programmes and 34 are Masters’ students
  5. The beneficiaries come from 20 institutions who are AAU members
  6. The 20 institutions are located in 10 African countries

The Graduate Internship Call was previously featured here:

AAU is very concerned about the demand for scholarships versus the funds available. To this end we continue to call on African governments to contribute more resources towards supporting Higher Education in Africa.

Thank you.

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