Call for Participation: AAU Workshop on Systemic Entrepreneurship

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Do not miss this opportunity to optimize our Higher Education Institutions

This exciting workshop will be presented in Arusha, Tanzania by the AAU  in collaboration with the Advancement Academy from 28 – 30 September, 2015.

VENUE:     Naura Springs Hotel, Arusha TANZANIA

(Arrival – Sunday, 27thSeptember  Departure, Thursday morning, 1st October, 2015).

BACKGROUND:            Download the background information of this workshop.


  1. Reflect on the context, context and processes of the entrepreneurial Higher Education Institution
  2. To explore ‘best practices’ by both sharing and learning from the experiences of other participants;
  3. Collectively, articulate entrepreneurial priorities and approaches best suited for the context of Africa Higher Education institutions.


The workshop is aimed at DVC’s, deans and senior academics that have a keen interest in/are currently engaged in research/learning & teaching/community engagement, with a focus on the development of sustainable entrepreneurship.


To guarantee your place at this workshop, early registration is recommended. The workshop fee is set at US $800 per workshop per participant, which includes the cost of materials, lunches and refreshments. The AAU is willing to provide a discounted fee to institutions which register for both the successful governance workshop and this one and/or in the case of more than 1 registration per individual institution. Please complete an online application form


Accommodation has been negotiated at the Naura Springs Hotel, as follows:


USD 70.00   per Single Room Based On Bed & Breakfast

USD 110.00 per Double Room Based On Bed & Breakfast

USD 110.00 per Twin Room Based On Bed & Breakfast

USD 180.00 per Triple Room Based On Bed & Breakfast


USD 100.00 per Executive Single Room Based On Bed & Breakfast

USD 130.00 per Executive Double Based On Bed & Breakfast

USD 130.00 per Executive Twin Room Based On Bed & Breakfast

USD 200.00 per Executive Suite Room Based On Bed & Breakfast

For reservations, kindly contact:

Beatrice Dimitris Dallaris

Hotel Manager – Naura Springs Hotel, P.O.Box 7302, Arusha – Tanzania

Tel:  +255 – 27 – 2050001/8 or Tel:  +255 – 767500333 or Tel:  +255 – 786500112

24hrs Mobile – + 255 754 318076



All visa enquiries should be sent to MR. GODFREY KACHOLI


Participants who require shuttle services to and from the airport should kindly contact the Naura Springs Hotel for the necessary arrangements:

For general information please email Mrs Yvette Quashie on

Call for Participation: A Workshop on Successful Governance of Universities

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Accra Ghana – 14-16th December 2015

    Advance     Aau





Successful Governance of Universities: The key relationship between the University Council and the Executive Leaders of the University


In order to ensure sustainable excellence all organizations need to function effectively and efficiently on three interrelated levels.

These include the normative, strategic and operational levels with sufficient feedback mechanisms in and between these interrelated levels. At the same time, it should also be recognized that different set of actors function at different levels in the University. In this context, the normative domain will see a strong presence of the University Council as well as of other key actors from both the public and private sectors; the strategic domain of both the Council and senior university executives; and, the operational levels, mainly dominated by senior and middle level managers as well as of other university employees.

However, in today’s society the levels and actors as eluded to above, are interrelated and at best tentative and under duress. Gone are the days of strict hierarchical and narrow organizations. With the drive towards flat organizations with multiple as well as multidirectional relationships, governance is coming under pressure with a diluting of the role boundaries between the roles of the chairperson and members of the University Council, that of the Vice Chancellor and senior university executives and that of middle level managers and employees. This can lead to a myriad of complex and perhaps unnecessary levels of role and perhaps personal conflict – eventually to the detriment of the particular institution.

It is against this background that University leaders should reflect on the roles of the key university bodies and persona at the University – more specifically on the roles of the Chairperson of Council, the Vice Chancellor and other senior university executives and how best to, from a sound governance perspective, structure the dynamic interrelationship 2 between the key actors at the normative, strategic and operational levels in individual universities.

It is for this reason that I would like to extend an invitation to Chairpersons of University Councils, Vice Chancellors/University Presidents as well as to key Senior Executive University Managers (including Registrars), to join us for a workshop where these, and other related topics, will be the focus of our discussions and joint deliberations on how this complex and important matter should be handled.

Do not miss this wonderful opportunity! Diarize the date as ‘must attend’ opportunity. The workshop fee is set at US $800 per participant, which includes the cost of materials, lunches and refreshments on the meeting days. The AAU is willing to provide a discounted fee to institutions which registers more than 1 individual per Institution.

Due to the participative nature of the workshop, participation will be limited to a maximum of 50 participants.

Please complete an online application form.

I am looking forward to your participation in this extremely important workshop.

With kind AAU regards

SecGen Signature

Prof E Ehile

Secretary General




14 – 16 December 2015

(Arrival – Sunday, 13th December / Departure, Thursday morning, 17th December, 2015).




Filled registration forms (Attached) should be returned to cc:

Registration fees can be paid into the AAU account number indicated on the registration forms and proof of transfer forwarded to the same address.


Accommodation has been negotiated at the MJ Grand Hotel as follows:



USD $100.00 Bed & Breakfast

For reservations, kindly contact:

Mr. Annas Ali Toure

Tel: Tel: +233 277516181



All visa enquiries should be sent to MRS. YVETTE QUASHIE



The hotel will pick all Participants who require airport shuttle for free. Kindly send your flight details (Airline, Date and Time of Arrival and Departure) to Ali Toure and copy Mrs. Yvette Quashie

Successful COREVIP 2015 in Kigali Rwanda

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Group photo by a section of participantsCOREVIP 2015 attracts over 250 participants

History will forever remember the 18th Conference of Rectors, Vice Chancellors and Presidents of African Universities (COREVIP) organised by the Association of African Universities, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of Rwanda and University of Rwanda (UR).

The conference, hosted in Kigali, Rwanda from 2nd to 5th June 2015, is one of the many platforms used by the AAU to foster cooperation and collaboration among its over 320 member institutions. COREVIP also creates the platform for critical reflections on issues affecting higher education and the development of Africa.

Over 250 participants from 30 African countries and 14 other countries attended COREVIP 2015 which was organised under the theme “Internationalisation of Higher Education in Africa”. Participants comprised;  Heads of higher education institutions from African countries; Heads of Quality Assurance Agencies in Africa; Stakeholders in higher education in Africa; Experts in ICT, teaching and research in higher education, Development partners and Students.

In his opening remarks, the Honourable Minister of Education of Rwanda, Professor Silas Lwakabamba, expressed his country’s appreciation to AAU for holding the 2015 COREVIP in Rwanda and alluded to the fact that Africa could only be relevant in the global higher education landscape through stronger higher education systems.

The President of the Association of African Universities (AAU) and Vice-Chancellor, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Professor Olusola Oyewole, thanked the President and people of Rwanda for hosting 2015 COREVIP, adding that the presence of member universities, development partners and various higher education stakeholders at the conference was indicative of the confidence bestowed in the AAU, as the voice of higher education in Africa. Professor Etienne Ehouan Ehile, the Secretary General of AAU also expressed appreciation to the Government of Rwanda, University of Rwanda, the Carnegie Mellon University, and various development partners for their support to the AAU in hosting the Conference.

The Conference discussed internationalisation of higher education in Africa under the following sub-themes:
1.    Harmonisation and Quality
2.    Mobility and Transferability of Credits
3.    New Modes of Teaching and Learning
4.    Curriculum Relevance and Employability
5.    Emerging Centres of Excellence in Africa

The COREVIP 2015 communique will be shared soon with all stakeholders.